e-Frame European Framework for Measuring Progress


The Consortium is led by Istat and Statistics Netherlands, with Istat acting as project coordinator.


The Consortium is set up with the aim of providing a firm platform for implementing all the actions required by the FP7 call SSH.2010.6.2-1 and thus capable of achieving the project objectives. The Consortium involves all the relevant target groups allowing a fruitful interaction between producers and users of Beyond GDP indicators in order to provide a European framework for the debate over the measure of well-being and progress among all relevant stakeholders. 


The Consortium has a pan-European dimension and involves main European National Statistical Institutes, Civil Society Organisations, Academia and Research Centres and the OECD as an International Organisation: all partners have a clear track record in the field. It is a large Consortium with 19 members that are linked by their strong interests and complementing knowledge and expertise in this area. They will form a well balanced and high level Consortium that - given the aim of the project - will find in its composition and number of participants a point of strength to achieve the project objectives. It is a strong group articulated in 5 activity “tanks”: 4 NSIs, 7 Universities, 2 Civil Societies Organisation, 5 Research Centres and the International Organisation OECD. These tanks will become the interconnection points of a wider network intended to be the launch pad for developing the European Framework for Measuring Progress.